Arayanpara Homes
We serve complimentry only for those who stay in our guest house called Arayanapara Homes. It is located in the middle of a rubber plantation near the forests of kerala, India

Kerala, India
The West Coast Industrial Co. Ltd.
Tiruvalla, 689103

Full dining room, Table service, Drive-thru

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Arayanpara Homes
Asian, Asian Fusion, Indian, Breakfast & Brunch, Buffets, Vegetarian, Chicken, Health Food, Seafood


For all locations.


South Indian

Indian Crepe made with rice powder


₨ 70.00

String hoppers
Strings resembling noodles but tastes very different


₨ 55.00

Toast and Egg
country eggs and a choice of bread for toast


₨ 45.00

A healthy western breakfast for those how love a western breakfast


₨ 55.00

Made with wheat and deep fried. It is served with delicious potato/egg curry


₨ 80.00

Healthy as it is a steamed cake made with either rice powder/wheat powder/corn powder/raggi depending on the choice you make


₨ 75.00



For all locations.

Indian Lunch

Vegetarian Meal
Rice with many vegetables and curry


₨ 150.00

Indian bread made with wheat


₨ 55.00

Dal Curry
Curry made with dal. Hight protein and low fat makes it very nutricious


₨ 65.00

Egg curry
Delicious curry made with eggs


₨ 55.00

Beef fry
Beef fried in a unique syrian christian style which is only available in Kerala.


₨ 150.00

Chicken curry/fry
Chicken made with Indian spices. It can served with curry for the curry lovers or fried


₨ 150.00

Chick-pea curry/vegetable curry
A very healthy, delcious curry for the health conscious people


₨ 100.00