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a cup full cafe
Coffee & Tea

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House Sumatra, or Sumatra Decaf
An earthy aroma, with a resonant taste, heavy body and long finish.


This drink has a rich, clean, citrusy flavor, with hints of vanilla.


These beans have a complex palate, with chocolate like fullness, subtle citrus, and deep honey.


Sweet, yet deep. Enjoy this rich, cherry and caramel tasting enhanced coffee.


S$1.75 M$1.95 L$2.10


S$1.95 M$2.30 L$2.50

Flavor Shots

All Sizes
Give some flavor to ANY of your beverages!



Almond, Caramel, Coconut, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Peanut Butter Peppermint, Raspberry and Sugar Free Vanilla.


Caramel, Chocolate, Sugar-Free Chocolate and White Chocolate


Espresso and steamed milk, topped with a kiss of foam. S$2.15 M$2.65 L$3.15


Three equal parts of espresso, milk and foam. S$2.15 M$2.65 L$3.15


Prepared by adding water to espresso. S$1.95 M$2.45 L$2.90


Cafe Mocha
An enjoyable blend of espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, and whipped cream. S$2.55 M$3.05 L$3.55


Occhi Red Eye
An added or single shot of espresso.



Occhi Black Eye
An added two shots or a double shot of espresso.



Occhi Dead Eye
An added three shots or a triple shot of espresso.




A splendid selection of our organic teas for your steeping time.

Tamayokucha Green Tea
A bright flavor, with a smooth finish, and lightly caffeinated- the perfect green tea. Excellent for concentration.



White Peony
White tea is made from the young unopened bud of the tea plant. A sweet taste you can sip all day.



Asl known as "African Sunset" for its red color- this drink is rich, lemony and packed with antioxidants.



Assam Original Breakfast Blend
These full-size, black, mountain grown leaves from India offer a full, lush flavor. The perfect pick you up tea!



Earl Grey
Made from large leaf, organic black tea, with a hint of natural bergamot oil. Has a sophisticated taste, ranging from a light citrus zip, to a deep, smooth black tea.



Our most gentle tea, with an apple like scent and soft honey notes. Known to aid digestion, and calm the mind.



Other Drinks We Offer

Steamed milk just got steamier! add your favorite Monin flavor to this classic for a custom experience. S$1.95 M$2.25 L$2.45


Hot Chocolate
Rich Ghirardelli Chocolate blended with steamed milk. S$1.95 M$2.25 L$2.45


Black tea delicately blended with milk and Indian spices. S$1.95 M$2.25 L$2.45


Caramel Macchiato
A creamy mix of vanilla and freshly steamed milk with espresso, topped with velvety foam and Ghirardelli caramel sauce. S$2.55 M$3.05 L$3.55


Zebra Mocha
A twist to our classic cafe mocha, still made with espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, but we also add white chocolate! S$3.20 M$3.75 L$4.30