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An Eye for Business

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 - Link posted by Ryan Fernandez
Source: http://gastrophoria.blogspot.com/2011/03/san-franola-granola-lifestyle-turned.html

Tsz takes a look at San Franola Granola, a specialty granola company, from a designer's perspective.

From Gastrophoria, Author: Tsz Chan, Photo: Tsz Chan

Small businesses fascinate me.

Perhaps it's has to do with my childhood aspirations. I had no dreams of grandeur such as creating state policy being a senator, saving lives as a police officer or making millions on Wall Street. All I wanted was to be able to create, to produce something that beautify people's lives or at least made them happy for a moment.

Yet, I have no idea how to do so and I'll admit I still don't. I went to college for art and business where I learned more outside of class than in. After that, I've stage in a restaurant for pastries, worked in an architecture firm and am currently designing in a studio. While I enjoy what I do, there's a gnawing feeling that I still haven't found my niche.

One thing is certain though, I love to learn about how small businesses get started. In fact, interviewing them and figuring out design can help push them forward is the best part of my job.

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